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On Hvar, Europe's sunniest island, the foundations of viticulture were established as far back as the 5th century BC by the ancient Greeks. The vineyards of the Plenkovic Winery have occupied slopes that are up to 40 and 60 degrees steep on the southern coast of the island, on the Milna - Sveta Nedjela - Zavala axis. This is a region that is well away from the industrial centres and it can be considered as ecologically pure. The wine is made with the absence of any artificial fertilizers and entirely manual operations together with a low fruit yield of the vines (restricted to about 0.70 kg,) ensures Plenkovic's vine to be truely distinctive and unique in taste.
BarrelsHigh quality is ensured through the use of stainless steel storage.

A two year french-oak process (barrique variety) is used to add to the maturity process. Together with a constant temperature of 11-12C and being situated in a unique cellar 70 metres underground.

Plavac Mali grapes is one of many palatable Croatian wines, which is grown on the hillside in a well drained, sandy soil on the Island of Hvar. Which enjoys and blemishes 16 Plavac Malihours of sunlight per day. Organically grown free from any artificial fertilisers and synthetically protective agents. It yields a mere 0.5 kg per grapevine, having to mature in Oak barrels in cellars situated 70 m below surface level at a constant yet natural 12C. Thus, benefiting a full-bodied, mature taste, packed with flavours giving a delightful bouquet, which makes the wine so uniquely authentic and characteristically recognisable as a product of this particular Island. An excellent accompaniment to any red meat meal.



Zlatan Otok is a high quality dry white wine of this southern clime. It can be recognised by its crisp golden colour, the alcoholic content of 11.5-12.5% and its 5.5-6 gr/L toZlatan Otoktal acids. It is produced from selected varities of grapes indigenous to Hvar Island, from the Hvar, Milna and Zavala localities. Among these Bogdanusa is predominant sort, while the burnish gives it a light Muscatel tone. It should be served cool at 12C.
The proven quality of these wines has been shown many times by high awards and medals at Croatian and International wine competition.





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