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where nature has been exceptionally generous and where people have shown many skills, boasts a long and rich tradition of, or rather devotion to vineyards and wine-making. Painstaking efforts have been invested into making wines from grapes picked from the u Grape ndulating hills of rich Croatian landscapes and from the Croatian Adriatic coast and Dalmatian Island regions. Natural resources, which few countries in the world are fortunate enough to be blessed with, flavour and fantastic variety of grape sorts that produce a whole range of quality wines.

The cultivation of vineyards and wine-making amongst Croats date back to the very distant past. The Phoenicians and the ancient Greek settlers, who formed the colonies in Dalmatia and Istria as early as the 4th Century BC, most probably started to cultivate vineyards and produce wine.


MMM Aspect International Ltd. is a sole importer of Croatian Wine. Below are our exclusive wine suppliers:

Zlatan Plenkovic
Ilok Wines (Ilocki Podrumi d. o. o.)
Fera Vino



Zlatan Plenkovic



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